Market Rules

Burlington Mall Farmers ’ Market


It is very important to the Burlington Mall Farmers’ Market as a whole and to your customers, your fellow vendors that all of these rules and regulations are read and adhered to by everyone.

1. Vendors are responsible for notifying the Market Manager when they will or will not be on the Market. Please contact the Market Manager at 905-617-1227 or by email at

2. Vendors must keep within their designated area, not interfering with walkways, driveways, or their neighbours.
On their first offence the vendor will receive a verbal warning.
On their second offence the warning will be in writing.
On the third and subsequent offence they will be fined $50 with payment due by the end of that Market Day.

3. All vehicles belonging to the vendor and their workers must be parked away from the market or totally inside their allotted area.

4. If you decide to leave the Burlington Mall Farmers’ Market your deposit will not be refunded if the Burlington Mall Farmers’ Market Manager has not notified in writing by March 1st.

5. Vendors will not be allowed to have more than four (4) stalls.

6. Vendors must keep their area clean and free from garbage.

7. Vendors must be on the Market in their assigned stalls by 8:00am. Vendors shall not leave before 4:00pm on weekdays or before noon on Saturdays. The reason for this rule is to keep the Market safe for our clients during market hours.

8. All accidents or mishaps must be reported to the Market Manager and any complaints brought to his attention. The Burlington Lions Club carries five (5) Million Dollars Liability insurance on the Farmers’ Market itself.
Burlington Mall Security is to be notified about any accident or mishap so they can document the incident.

9. Vendors must display their name in plain sight for all customers to see.

10. Awnings and other shade devices shall not interfere with the flow of the customer traffic. Awnings and shade devices must be high enough to allow customers to walk under them without having to worry about hitting their heads. Awnings and shade devices must be securely anchored or weighted down so that they can not be dislodged under normal circumstances.

11. Vendors are allowed to cook or reheat samples to give to the Market shoppers. Vendors must meet all Municipal, Regional, Provincial and Federal laws regarding food handling and preparation. Vendors are not allowed to cook and sell food on the Market without the prior written approval of the Market Manager.

12. Vendors who have cooking and/or reheating capabilities on their stall must have at least a five (5) pound fire extinguisher. Fuel storage must be well away from their sales area and the fuel must be stored in a Government approved container.

13. Vendors do not have the Right to sub-let, sell, transfer or permit anyone else to use their area without the written approval of the Market Manager.

14. Sales shall be conducted in an orderly manner. No undercutting of prices will be allowed at any time.

15. A minimum deposit of 10% of the yearly stall rental fee is to be paid by the last Market day of October. This is to reserve their area for the next market season. Deposits will not be returned after March 1

st of the Market Year.

16. Seasonal fees are to be paid in full by the last Market day of July. Failure to pay on time will jeopardize the vendor's chance to occupy the same area the following Market Year.

17. Vendors may not add merchandise to their approved list without the written approval of the MARKET MANAGER. This includes no crafts on the Market with the exception being Mrs. Millar in stall 63-64.

18. Since Cambridge Ivanhoe - BURLINGTON MALL reserves the right to change Market days and location within the Burlington Mall Parking Areas, the Burlington Lions Club reserves the same rights. If the Burlington Mall decides such changes are required, no refund or compensation can be paid as these matters are outside of the Burlington Lions Club’s control.

19. The Burlington Lions Club has the right to cancel any vendor’s season area when, in the opinion of the Market Management, they have willfully violated the Rules and Regulations governing this market.

20. Vendors who are absent without notice for 3 market days in a row, their area will become available to another vendor.

The Burlington Mall Farmers’ Market opens the first Wednesday of May and closes the last Saturday of October.

The Burlington Mall Farmers’ Market and Snack Bar hours are 8am to 4pm Wednesdays and Fridays and 8am to noon on Saturdays.

Bob Hopkins
Market Manager
Vendor’s Signature