Farmer's Market Application

Burlington Lions Club
Burlington Mall Farmers’ Market
Vendor's Registration Form

Vendor's Name _________________________________________________________

Company Name _________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________

City _______________________________

Postal Code _______________________________

Telephone _______________________________

Email _______________________________

List of Products

Market Days Requested

Wednesday & Friday Saturday

Hydro required

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No. Stalls of requested 1

, 2, 3or 4

Agreement of Compliance

I, ___________________________________________ , have read and am fully aware of the

Burlington Lions Club’s Burlington Mall Farmers’ Market specific rules and


I hereby agree to comply fully with these rules and regulations and all other Federal,

Provincial, Regional and local regulations that apply. Knowing full well that I will

forfeit my right to sell at the Burlington Nelson Lions Farmers’ Market if I am found to

be in non-compliance.

Signature: _____________________________

Date: _____________________________